Dr. Johnson understands that many patients that need dental care fear the dentist. These patients may have had a bad dental experience, or have dental anxiety. For that reason, she takes the time to help put her patients at ease with sedation dentistry.

Painless Sedation Dentistry Process

Dr. Johnson uses a two step pre-numbing with a gel and an additional numbing spray before the injection. She also uses warmed anesthetic which helps cut out the traditional sting of the injection. She offers both laughing gas and oral conscious sedation for those who would like extra relaxation. Her goal is for patients to be completely comfortable and at ease when you visit her at Berry Farms Dental in Franklin TN.

Dr. Johnson is committed to patient safety and follows the recommended protocol for the painless dental procedure with close monitoring. After the dental work is performed, Dr. Johnson will continue to monitor the patient for alertness and other critical signs that the sedative is wearing off. Once Dr. Johnson determines the patient may be released, she supplies instructions to follow when returning home.

Following dental work performed using sedation, it is recommended that patients relax the rest of the day and refrain from activities that are strenuous.

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