When I opened my new dental office, I knew that I wanted to provide great care to my patients. I also knew that I wanted to provide more than just dental care. I love getting to know my new patients, and I am excited about my new (and some old) extended family. I have lots and lots of ideas for events and fun things that I can do at my office throughout the year that my patients can enjoy for free. I think about things like this all the time….the wheels are always turning. Not all of my ideas have completely come to fruition….but, hey, I have a lot of ideas. I get so excited about things for the office…maybe too much, but it is what I enjoy. I don’t really have any hobbies. This is my hobby.

My most recent idea is Santa Photos for kids. This will be happening Monday, and I’m pumped. My thoughts: Who wants to wait in line for Santa behind a million other kids? NO ONE. Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for Santa Photos that your kids may be screaming and crying in? NO ONE. So……I decided to invite Santa to our office. No line. Just reserve a time. No fee. We will take the photos and email them to you. Also, you can feel free to bring your camera if you like. Our staff is excited about this. We love kids. So, we hope to see you on Monday!! We will be checking our office email over the weekend in case there are still a few people that would like to book a time slot.

In case you are wondering what possible future events at Berry Farms Dental might be……a couple of things on the agenda for next year: A Ladies Day with Fun Vendors…and a Patient Appreciation Party with bounce houses, face painting, food, etc in the park at Berry Farms……..But these are just a couple of ideas……So, stay tuned!!! I am also taking suggestions if you have any.

To my patients—hope to have a lifetime of fun with all of you!

Dr. Johnson

photos with santa